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Covid Attestation Form:

An online Covid Attestation form must be completed for each player the day of each practice or game.  The link to the form will be sent out the morning of each practice and game.

          Boys screening link: https://forms.gle/WrxmvzA3RZ8k13vBC

          Girls screening link: https://forms.gle/qXvj7atL6PH2PBTw5



Please find below what is available at the fields when it comes to facilities as well any special instructions around the use of the fields that players, coaches and parents (spectators) should be aware of.
As a reminder due to COVID protocols no one should be lingering at any field after games. Please ensure that families and players depart shortly after games to make way for the next group and to reduce “unstructured“ gatherings as they have been associated with infection and may conflict with our RIYLL protocol for social distancing.  


North Smithfield turf
  • They should have porta potties available
  • Public toilets are closed at Doric Park. 
  • Players will be on the side with the bleachers, parents will stay on the side by the parking lot.
  • Coventry has an outhouse that people can use at their own risk. 
  • The field is fenced so we are asking parents to watch the game from the fence and not allowing parents into the playing field. 
  • There are two portable toilets in the field parking lot. 
  • Spectators must watch from outside the fence which lines both sides of the fields. 
East Bay
  • East Bay's fields at St. Andrew's Farm and Chianese do not have portable toilets or facilities available to the public due to COVID restrictions.
East Greenwich
  • EG fields at the high school will have portable toilets or facilities available to the public.  
  • NO pets on the turf fields or inside the fence
Island- Middletown
  • Island  will have portable toilets or facilities at the high school and Gaudet 
  • Sometimes on Saturdays the public bathrooms at Gaudet are open, but not reliably and should not be counted on. 
North Kingstown:
  • North Kingstown Quonset fields do NOT have facilities
Johnston Soccer Complex fields (boys fields)
  • park on dirt next to or behind Soccer buildings. No parking in the marked spots in front of the soccer building, those spots are for the building.
  • can also park behind Johnston HS and walk up the path.
  • port-a-John on site.

Deerfield park

         Indoor restrooms (both men’s & women’s) behind concession stan

  • The Glen has two portable toilets that will be available to the public
  • Providence’s field at Moses Brown has no portable toilets or facilities that will be available to the public due to COVID restrictions.
  • Seekonk field will have 2 portable toilets available to the public.    
South County
Curtis Corner 
  • There are facilities available
  • There are no special rules for the field
Brousseau Field is new to SCYL.  
  • Has a porta-jon. 
  • Limited parking is allowed on ONE side of the road adjacent to the field.  
  • If no spots available, park either at the baseball/tennis parking lot or further up in the housing complex.  
  • There are signs that say no parking in certain areas and on the other side of the road; you will be ticketed.
  • Bend St. has bathrooms
  • Bend St. Lacrosse fields are located at the back of the Confreda Farms Sports Complex. The road to access the fields is between the PAL Office at 80 Bend St, Warwick, RI 02889 and the parking lot for the adjacent baseball field.   
  • There are two portable toilets only. 
  • There are no trash or recycling receptacles at this time. Please take home what you bring with you.





-All practices are at the Seveney Fields on East Main Road.

-Boys and girls in grades 5-8 will start practice the week of March 22nd. Practice will be from 530-7 pm.

                Boys practice Tuesdays and Thursday evenings at Seveney Fields.

                Girls practice Mondays and Wednesday evenings at Seveney Fields.         

-Boys and girls in grades 3/4 will start the week of March 29th. Practice will be from 530-7 pm.

                Boys practice Tuesdays and Thursday evenings at Seveney Fields.

                Girls practice Mondays and Wednesday evenings at Seveney Fields.

-Boys and girls in grades 1/2 will start the week of April 5th. Practice will be 530 – 630 pm.

1/2 boys practice Tuesdays and Thursday and scrimmage Friday evenings (they do not travel for games)

1/2 girls practice Mondays and Wednesdays and scrimmage Friday evenings (they do not travel for games).

-Little Scoopers will practice on Fridays from 530-630 and start April 9th.

Practice is at the Seveney complex on the field across from the lower parking lot (just below the Brown House and above the polo fields)



-Grades 3-8 only

-Opening weekend is April 24th (we will have 8 games this season). Games are scheduled for Saturday mornings (although some could be rescheduled for other days and times).

-Grades 3-8 travel for games. Grades 1/2 is a "house league" meaning they scrimmage each other only and do not travel.

-Playoff weekend is June 19th.



Boys and girls grade 1-8 need full equipment.

                -Girls need a mouth guard, eye protection or girls lacrosse helmet, and a girls lacrosse stick.                   Cleats are suggested.

                -Boys need a mouth guard, boys lacrosse helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, and a                   stick. Cleats are suggested.

Little Scooper players are not required to wear full equipment. Boys minimally need a stick, helmet and gloves. Girls only need a stick. If they would like to wear other gear that is fine!



-This is for grades 3-8 only.

-PYL will provide all players with their uniform top (that they will return at the end of the season).

-Players will need to purchase the bottom of their uniform, shorts for boys and a skort for girls. The link to order is below and can be found on our website under the “Gear Store” tab on the left side of the homepage.


Boys: Order the shorts under the “Shorts” section, UA Locker Shorts available in adult sizes and youth Augusta shorts.

Girls: order the skort under the “Uniforms” section, Augusta Femfit Skort available in youth and adult sizes.


*Remember to use the code PORTLAX20 for 20% off

**We are transitioning to new uniform bottoms. Players can wear the old shorts and skirts OR the new ones.

***Families that ordered shorts and skirts last year have been contacted to update sizes. These will be handed out at the fields.  












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