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Registration for winter skills sessions will open in November 2022. Skills sessions will be for boys and girls grades 5-8 at Longplex in Tiverton. 


Registraion for 2023 spring season will open in December 2022.



Little Scoopers (Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten) - $60

Grades 1-2: $110

Grades 3 -4: $135

Grades 5-6: $160

Grades 7-8: $160


1st Sibling - $25, 2nd Sibling - $50, 3rd Sibling - $50 Family cap at $300. (no family will pay more than $300)



-All practices are at the Seveney Fields on East Main Road.

-Boys and girls in grades 5-8 will start the end of March. Practice will be from 530-7 pm.

                Boys practice Tuesdays and Thursday evenings at Seveney Fields.

                Girls practice Mondays and Wednesday evenings at Seveney Fields. 


-Boys and girls in grades 3/4 will start the end of March. 

                Boys practice Tuesdays and Thursday evenings at Seveney Fields.

                Girls practice Mondays and Wednesday evenings at Seveney Fields.

The season conlcludes with a jamboree the beginning of June.


-Boys and girls in grades 1/2 will start the beginning of April and end the beginning of June.

Practice will be 530 – 630 pm.

1/2 boys practice Tuesdays and Thursday and scrimmage Friday evenings (they do not travel for games)

1/2 girls practice Mondays and Wednesdays and scrimmage Friday evenings (they do not travel for games).

-Little Scoopers will practice on Fridays from 530-630 and start the beginning of April. 

Practice is at the Seveney complex on the field across from the lower parking lot (just below the Brown House and above the polo fields)



-Grades 3-8 only

-Games are scheduled for Saturday mornings (although some could be rescheduled for other days and times).

-Grades 3-8 travel for games. Grades 1/2 is a "house league" meaning they scrimmage each other only and do not travel.



Boys and girls grade 1-8 need full equipment.

                -Girls need a mouth guard, eye protection or girls lacrosse helmet, and a girls lacrosse stick.                   Cleats are suggested.

                -Boys need a mouth guard, boys lacrosse helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, and a                   stick. Cleats are suggested.

**Note: US Lacrosse now requires boys to have shoulder pads that meet new safety standards.

More information can be found here  https://www.usalacrosse.com/lacrosse-chest-protector-faq.

The list of approved shoulder pads can be found here. https://www.seinet.org/search.htmUSALacrosse_CommotioCordisProtectors_NOCSAEProtectorforCommotioCordisLacrosseND200-19_collapse31_2#USALacrosse_CommotioCordisProtectors_NOCSAEProtectorforCommotioCordisLacrosseND200-19_NOCSAEProtectorsforCommotioCordisLacrosse_collapse31_22


                 -Little Scooper players are not required to wear full equipment. Boys minimally need a stick,                    helmet and gloves. Girls only need a stick. If they would like to wear other gear that is fine!



-This is for grades 3-8 only.

-PYL will provide all players with their uniform top (that they will return at the end of the season).

-Players will need to purchase the bottom of their uniform, shorts for boys and a skort for girls. 















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