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1)  Players may not attend if any of the following are true: 

         a)  he/she has been told by the state to quarantine

         b)  he/she has a fever over 100.4, or is feeling ill (when in doubt stay home)

         c)  he/she is waiting for the results of a covid test due to illness or being a close contact

2)  An online Covid Attestation form must be completed for each player the day of each practice or game.  The link to the form will be sent out the morning of each practice and game.

          Boys screening link https://forms.gle/Wk13vBCrxmvzA3RZ8

          Girls scrrening link https://forms.gle/qXvj7atL6PH2PBTw5

3)  If a player test positive for covid during the season, his/her parent must notify the coach immediately. 

4)  Players must wear a mask at all times.  Gaiters, helmet shields, and masks attached to the cage are not allowed.

5)  Mouth pieces are also required.

6)  Players are not allowed to share water bottles.  Please also note, the Glen has removed their trash receptacles, so players should not leave any trash behind.

7)  Players should social distance as much as possible during practices and games.

8)  To reduce potential exposures, parents/guardians are not allowed to attend practices.  Parents can wait in their cars or drop/pickup.  We will send out a notice regarding attendance at games in a few weeks.

9) After any child tests positive for Coronavirus and completes his/her state required quarantine, that child may return to practices and games.  However, if a parent has any concerns about the child's return to physical activity, that parent should consult with the child's doctor before returning.