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When does the lacrosse season start?
The Lacrosse season typically runs from mid March until mid June.  

What age bracket is my child in?

RIYLL, the governing body for lacrosse in R.I., recently changed the lacrosse groups from age-based to grade based (1/2 = 1st/2nd grade, 3/4 3rd and 4th grade ect). Little Scoopers - is for players in Pre-K and Kindergarten.  

What team will my child be on?  When do we practice?
Teams are selected in MID to LATE March. Expect to be contacted by a coach in late March notifying you of your team placement and practice schedule.

At the 3/4 level if we have multiple teams these will be divided as evenly as possible. 

At the 5/6 & 7/8 levels if there are multiple teams there will be tryouts for the Division 1 team. All players that are not on the D1 team will play on the D2 team(s). 

We ask for your patience. There are over 400 players each year and numerous coaches & field space to coordinate. Please understand that teams will be assigned practice space on one of the Glen fields. We will notify you you of your practice day as soon as possible. The league is already in communication with the recreation department and Fields Committee. Once we confirm this with our coaches, a practice schedule will be released.

Typically boys 3/4, 5/6 & 7/8 practice Tuesday and Thursday. Boys 1/2 is a house league (they do not travel for games) and they practice Tuesdays and Thursdays and scrimmage Fridays.  

Girls 3/4, 5/6 & 7/8 typically practice Mondays and Wednesdays. Girls 1/2 is also a house league and they practice Mondays and Wednesdays and scrimmage Fridays. 

Little Scoopers is on Fridays.

At what age is it too late for my son/daughter to consider lacrosse?
It is NEVER too late to start playing lacrosse. Coaches from the highest levels will tell you that they are always looking for good athletes. There have been  high school athletes that have never touched a lacrosse stick that have been highly recruited to play on some of the finest college lacrosse programs in the country. In addition to lacrosse being the fastest game on two feet ,and one of the most exciting games to play and watch it is also a whole lot of FUN. If your son or daughter has been unhappy and/or bored with other sports it is not likely they will have that same experience with lacrosse.

Is it true lacrosse is a dangerous sport and involves a lot of physical contact?

Although there is some physical contact allowed in the men's game, when lacrosse is played at its best there is very little body contact. It is truly a game of speed, quickness, agility and skill. Depending on who you speak to, there are many sports that allow significantly more contact. Unlike many other sports, size is not everything in lacrosse. Some of the best players in the country would be considered "undersized" in most other sports. The NCAA ranks men's lacrosse just after ladies soccer as far as injuries, meaning ladies soccer has more injuries. In fact, lacrosse has been ranked by the NCAA safetly committee as one of the top third safest sports.

What gear does my child need to play?
Little Scoopers: Helmet (a hockey helmet is ok), sticks, and gloves are needed for boys. Just a stick for the girls- we have loaner equipment if needed.

Boys: Lacrosse helmet (hockey helmets are NOT permitted), mouth guard, gloves, cleats, arm pads, shoulder pads, stick and athletic supporter.

Girls: Stick, mouth guard, cleats and lacrosse eye protection (goggles) or a girls helmet. Many girls also wear girls lacrosse gloves.

Mouth guards are mandatory for both practices and games for both boys and girls.

Do I need to purchase a uniform for my child?
Portsmouth Youth Lacrosse provides uniforms tops for both the boys and girls teams that are returned at the end of the season. We ask that families purchase game shorts for the boys and game skirts for the girls. 

My child plays two sports and can't make it to every practice or game...
In order to create viable teams for our coaches to coach and for our program to commit to the RIYLL schedule, your player must make most practices and games. We support multi-sport athletes and work with the other sports leagues in town to coordinate when possible to make it easier to manage two sports. We ask if your child cannot attend a practice or a game, you notify the coaches well in advance. If your child makes one of our D1 teams, please refer to our D1 Team Commitment Policy on the left menu.

I received a notice my child has been wait listed.  What should i do?
For now you will have to wait & see if space becomes available. The wait list for all teams is a first in/ first served basis. If a space comes available you child will be moved into the available spot and your credit card charged accordingly. You will be notified immediately of the opening.